The Product

Diamond Cut Jeans are the ultimate in luxury denim, each pair is hand finished in the UK and stitched in 14 carat white gold thread.

The detail on the back pocket is taken from the world's most expensive black diamond dress boasting similar beading work and techniques. The back right hand pocket detail is the most visual presence on the jeans; however the same detail is used with a delicate border to highlight the front pockets and the edge of the back left hand pocket along with the centre back loop this cleverly accentuates the jeans from all angles.

The denim used in a pair of DCJ is the most exquisite twirl of hand dyed denim with a fusion of stretch to ensure the fit of each pair of DCJ is flattering to the silhouette of the wearer.

The jeans are available in indigo with a 10 white diamond button and black with a 10 black diamond button.

Each button has 10 diamonds which are non-conflict diamonds which something we are very proud of, fair trade which is a rarity even in the luxury world. All the diamonds are supplied by DeJoria diamonds and the button is fully detachable for cleaning purposes.

The jeans are presented in a monochromatic case, and you get to choose from black crocodile or white leather depending on your own personal preference. The case is without a doubt a fashion statement in itself. The presentation case is accompanied by a diamond clarity certificate and limited edition number confirmation document. The waist band also states the limited edition number and the whole waist band is stitched by hand to add extra character to ensure not one single pair are the same. Every single detail on DCJ is meticulously crafted to the highest standard.

There are only 5000 pairs worldwide making this range of jeans the most exclusive denim one will ever own in one's life. You can even go one step further and have personalised DCJ, with the wearers name inside the waist band 'Hand Crafted for ...' Also the monochromatic case of your choice will even be personalised with an engraved plaque inside.